about company


Tribhuwan enterprise founded 26 yrs back focuses on railway transportation and power sector Since inception tribhuwan has used research and development as a tool for success and today we are proud to be known for our product range, domain knowledge, design expertise, quality and manufacturing capabilities. Starting from humble beginning, over the last two decades our company has grown to employ over thousands of talented people whose commitment has led to a sales revenue (u can mention the revenues) with the revenues growing at the rate of 88% year over year for the past three years. Tribhuwans vision is to become a world leader in making transformers for railway locomotives and to achieve this we specialize in three areas, Repairing, Rehabilitation, Manufacturing and Designing.

The company is among the few in India that manufactures, repairs and designs the whole range of Power, Distribution and Locomotive Transformers from 10kVA to 10 MVA up to 33kV class to fulfill the specific demands of the Power & Industrial sectors and the Railways, Electricity Boards, Industrial users etc in the domestic market. Tribhuwan Enterprises has the capability to manufacture transformers from 10kVA to 10 MVA, 0.433kV to 33kV class for various applications confirming to IS, IEC and other industrial standards. The plant operations are certified under ISO 9001:2008.

Tribhuwan has a long history of providing reliable, innovative and energy-efficient transformer technologies to rail suppliers who manufacture and service all the systems, subsystems and components used in modern urban, conventional and high-speed rail systems. Tribhuwan Enterprises incorporates the latest technology, superior raw materials and state-of-art manufacturing facilities to build transformers of superior quality and high degree of reliability. This enterprise has a RDSO approval in 2008 for manufacturing Electrical Loco Main Transformer which is the turning point of the companies to fulfill its ambition to diverse it self into special high end equipment.