quality management

WITH TRIBHUWAN, quality assurance is structured in accordance with the corresponding international quality standards covering all aspects including development, design, purchase, assembly, in-process inspection and testing, final testing, sales and customer support.
Tribhuwan Enterprises system, for quality assurance is in accordance with ISO 9001:2008. The quality control accelerates from the selection of the most suitable raw material/component, which has in house material specification to ensure reliability which clearly indicates the characteristics and the tests to be carried out for verification of the quality and reliability of the selected raw material and component.
Premium standard of quality in manufacturing, are achieved by thorough awareness of required standards of independent inspection department. Consistency in manufacturing and process is achieved through specific guidelines available for use by production personal.

Quality control activity is augmented substantially by a well equipped laboratory and transformer test bay capable of carrying out tests specified in various national / international standards. Each and every transformer is thoroughly tried and tested before it leaves from the factory.

Field reliability is ensured by our service department which is responsible for commissioning of all repaired and new transformers supplied by us in India.

The Service Department monitors the performance of transformer in the fields, carries out preventive maintenance operations and acts as a source of first hand information to the design and manufacturing team on field related conditions. The feedback received enables continuous improvement of the product quality to ensure complete satisfaction for clients.

The stringent testing of the finished product technical parameters is done with equipped procured from AVO, Zaran, Siemens, Automatic Electric Instruments are also calibrated from time to time at independent Government recognized agencies and accuracy of reading and data derived from these readings confirm the technical parameters of the well designed transformers